Maharera’s Bold Move: Why Homebuyers Should Be Informed About Agent Suspensions

The Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Maharera) has recently made a landmark decision to suspend the registration of approximately 20,000 real estate agents. This decisive action stems from the agents’ failure to obtain the necessary competency certificates and register them on the Maharera website, despite having ample opportunities to comply. This blog will delve into the implications of this suspension, its importance for homebuyers, and the broader impact on the real estate market.

Ensuring Professionalism and Compliance

Maharera’s primary goal with this suspension is to ensure professionalism and compliance within the real estate sector. Starting January 1, 2024, all real estate agents in Maharashtra must complete Maharera-prescribed training, pass an examination, and register their competency certificates on the official website to conduct business legally. Agents who fail to meet these requirements will face a one-year suspension. During this period, they must fulfill the necessary conditions to renew their licenses. If they do not comply within the year, their registrations will be automatically canceled, and they will be barred from reapplying for six months.

Why This Matters for Homebuyers

For homebuyers, knowing that their agents are qualified and certified is crucial. Real estate transactions are complex and involve significant financial commitments. Agents serve as the primary link between homebuyers and developers, providing essential project information that clients rely on to make informed decisions. When agents are well-versed in the RERA Act and knowledgeable about the real estate market, they can offer reliable guidance, ensuring that buyers are fully aware of the project’s details, the developer’s financial capacity, and the necessary approvals.

Impact on Agents and Developers

The suspension affects around 20,000 agents who have not yet fulfilled these mandatory requirements. If these agents do not complete the training and certification process within the specified timeframe, they will not be allowed to engage in any real estate transactions. Moreover, Maharera has warned developers against employing unqualified agents. Should developers engage the services of these suspended agents, Maharera will not hesitate to cancel the developers’ registrations. This move underscores Maharera’s commitment to ensuring that all participants in the real estate market adhere to the regulatory framework to protect consumer interests.

Procedure for License Cancellation

Maharera has also outlined a procedure for agents who wish to voluntarily cancel their registration. Agents must apply to the Director (Registration) at using the prescribed format. Applicants should not be appointed as authorized agents by any promoter and should not have engaged in any real estate project transactions. They must submit the balance sheet for the last two years or provide reasons for non-submission on their letterhead. If complaints exist against an agent seeking cancellation, Maharera will address these complaints, and the decisions made will be binding on the concerned agents.

Statement from Maharera President Ajoy Mehta

Maharera President Ajoy Mehta emphasized the crucial role of agents in the real estate sector. He described them as the primary link between homebuyers and developers. Agents provide initial project information to clients, who rely on this data to make informed home-buying decisions. Therefore, it is essential that agents are well-versed in the provisions of the RERA Act, understand reliable project information, and are capable of assessing the developer’s financial capacity and project approvals. Maharera’s mandate for agent training and certification aims to enhance the quality of service provided to consumers and ensure that agents can competently guide clients through the real estate purchase process.


Maharera’s decision to suspend the registration of non-compliant agents highlights the authority’s commitment to maintaining high standards in the real estate industry. By enforcing these regulations, Maharera aims to ensure that only qualified and certified agents are active in the market. This move safeguards consumer interests and enhances overall professionalism within the sector. Homebuyers can now have greater confidence in the agents they work with, knowing that they are competent and compliant with regulatory standards.

In summary, Maharera’s stringent measures are a step forward in ensuring that homebuyers receive high-quality, reliable service from qualified real estate agents. This move not only protects homebuyers but also promotes transparency and professionalism in the real estate market, benefiting all stakeholders involved.

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